Shipping to Meet Your Needs

4N has custom boxes to make sure that the bars make it to you unharmed. The boxes are placed on pallets that are custom fit to each of our specialized boxes. Each box is double-banded with high-tensile straps.

Our bars can also be covered in a special oil that will help prevent rust if the bars are going to be left outside in the elements. We can also wrap the boxes in plastic to prevent water from affecting the boxes.

If you are buying long bar, we can wrap the ends of the bundle in cardboard. The long bars are triple banded with our high tensile straps.

Each box/bundle has the 4N Grouser Bar part number and all the information needed for the bars to arrive at their intended location.

For orders that will be traveling overseas in shipping containers, 4N is able to consolidate your container at our warehouse.

Products ready for shipping
Products on pallets for shipping