By: Tom McIntyre

According to studies done by Caterpillar and others, undercarriage service can account for more than 50% of total maintenance over the lifetime of a machine.

As you know, when it comes to the bottom line, machine run time and maintenance costs are important factors in the overall success for a company servicing or using bulldozers and other heavy equipment. Minimizing costs and downtime are essential for a successful operation. Using 4N Grouser Bars provides OEM dealers and mining companies with the ability to keep their undercarriage operating costs as low as possible for their customers and/or their mining operation. Reducing a customer’s operating costs and machine downtime will, in turn, increase the machine runtime while boosting overall productivity. Caterpillar lists track shoe re-grousering as an ideal way to maximize undercarriage life while reducing the cost per hour.

The annual savings per bulldozer, when using 4N Grouser Bars, is unique to a company’s operation. Each company has varying factors like labor costs and machine usage that plays a part in the equation. The one constant among all 4N customers is that welding 4N Grouser Bars to worn track shoes, instead of replacing with new track shoes, maximizes the annual savings and minimizes the machine downtime.

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