By: Tom McIntyre

If you’re trying to extend the life of your heavy equipment undercarriage, then maintaining your track shoes is essential. However, by definition, heavy equipment takes a lot of natural wear and tear.

Here are some of the most common reasons grouser bar tracks break down:

  • Not enough sag on the grouser bar tracks— Chains on grouser bar tracks should sag, on average, about 2 inches when a straight edge is laid across the grousers to the tip. Too much sag will cause the tracks to fall off, get tangled, or the entire machine to break down, so make sure there is about 2 inches of sag.
  • Driving in reverse— Operating in reverse actually speeds up the wear and tear of the track bushings and sprocket teeth. Bushings never rotate against the teeth while in forward motion, but rub against each other too much while in reverse.
  • Driving at high speeds— Driving too fast also accelerates wear on every aspect of the undercarriage. Speed produces a tremendous amount of stress on the tracks and multiply long distance with high speeds, and the tracks are not going to be very effective.
  • Improperly torqued hardware— It’s important that the operator’s manual is read through before operation so the proper administration of torque has been implemented. There are certain toque procedures and specifics that don’t work with every grouser bar material.
  • Not getting your machine repaired— Professionals can offer maintenance tips that will make your machines last much longer. These workers can perform repair jobs and ensure that your track shoe width, track sag, and track tension are all in good standards.
  • Overusing the undercarriage— Even if you’re operating at normal power and speed, are following all the safety rules, and regularly have your machines and gear inspected, eventually, something will go wrong and the wear and tear will be too much.

Be sure to take excellent care of your grouser steel tracks and every other component of your machine’s undercarriage. If you want to learn more about machine maintenance and how to avoid causing your heavy equipment machines to break down, contact 4N Corporation today.